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Friday, 18 February 2011

Parents evening

Hubbie and I both went to parent 's evening for son 1 and son 2, between us we had a pre-meeting as we have major issues with son 1's teacher. Well I say pre-meeting, hubbie told me not to lose my temper and we decided what we wanted to ask / say / get annoyed with...So after sitting down on the smallest plastic chairs in the world (why do they do that??) we had our meeting with son 1's teacher (he's in Year 1) and then met with son 2's nursery teacher. She started by talking about his learning etc, and then I asked how his behaviour had been. She said "well to be honest" and then paused, hubbie and I both took an intake of breath / leant forward waiting for her to say that he was strong-willed, never listened and could be a bit naughty. But, she said "me and the other teachers have had no problems with him he's a delight to have in the nursery". Hubbie asked seriously, "are you talking about the right child, our son is Eden". Never been quite so shocked that my son must have a split personality, maybe she still was talking about the wrong child. See previous posts about his strong-willed traits:


Don't step on the cracks said...

Aren't those tiny chairs dreadful? Your knees nearly hit your chin and you feel at an immediate disadvantage! I also have a v strong willed 2 yo boy who ignores most of what I say but is apparently angelic for everyone else. I guess thats better than the other way around though!

Ditzy Mummy said...

These were tiny weeny chairs, it was like the went to find the smallest chairs in the world for parent's evening. I'm sure they have some normal adult sized chairs somewhere in the school.