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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Strong-willed toddler

Son 2 (aged 3.5) is the most defiant or non-compliant (if I'm being nice and following my parenting book) child in the entire world. This weekend he's had about 30 mins when he hasn't been crying, tantruming or whining. I thought we'd turned a corner when he turned 3 but the last 2 days he's grown devil horns and has been a nightmare.

After hubbie had a mini breakdown yesterday (road rage incident - doesn't work really when you're driving a people carrier) I suggested he took some time out today. So had all 3 kids today with antsy baby and a toddler with PMT. As my normal strategies for dealing with strong-willed child are not working, we've decided that ignoring him is our new tactic. Normally in my ditzy mode, I'm v.good at ignoring people (in particular hubbie - once didn't notice he'd shaved his sideburns for nearly a year) but with son 2 he knows which buttons to push to get my attention. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. As his pre-school has finished for the summer, have no respite so will probably be on the wine every night.

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