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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Girls will be girls

As a sort of feminist I try hard to ensure that my boys understand that women can do anything that men can do. That women don't necessarily have to conform to society's expected roles and responsibilities of women. Sometimes my boys have to endure my feminist rants, when son 1 was a small toddler he told me that girls were always princesses and that boys were always knights. This didn't go down too well with me and hence a lecture about how women could also be knights and were just as strong and brave as men - I was quite glad with the storyline in Shrek with Fiona the princess also being able to beat up Robin Hood (watch the film). However, recently my feminist comments backfired. We've had speed bumps put outside our house and the workmen asked me to move my car to put the road markings down. As I pondered what I would do with son 2 who was waiting on the pavent, the workman kindly asked if I wanted him to reverse my car. My response, "I do know how to reverse a car" and then under my breath "women can drive cars". I then got in my car and mounted the pavement in front of the workmen, how embarassing - maybe most women can drive cars but not me under pressure.  


Frankie P said...

Oh the embarassment, i too have done similar things to prove my point to men. I worked in a very male dominated industry..

I have two boys, the eldest just turned 5 and already i am pointing out to him that girls can do the stuff him and his friends do. However nowadays i think girls want to be princesses..

Stigmum said...

Sorry, I'm laughing imagining your car mounting the pavement, probably because if I drove, the same would happen to me!!
My son's well aware that girls can do anything he can because everything he does, they do. He's joined a boy's choir at school recently and quite funny that two of his friends wouldn't do it because they considered it girly!
Oh and the Duchess of Cambridge is the new young girl's role model apparently, so the princess theme is primed to go on and on and on...!

Ditzy Mummy said...

Its interesting you say about Kate Middleton as I was talking to my mum about how she hadn't really had a career whilst 'waiting' for Prince William to propose. I said that if that was my daughter I would have been disappointed that her success was seen as bagging a Prince.