Follow my ditzy mummy moments caused by a shrunken brain, not enough sleep and too much juggling.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


As I'm attempting to be organised for our family holiday I started packing last night. I looked high and low for a particular black lacy bra, so I asked hubbie if he'd seen my bra. After more searching I concluded that my bra had disappeared or been nicked.

So I asked hubbie if he'd got into cross-dressing and nicked my bra (as another black strapless bra as disappeared as well) and its not the first time I've lived with a cross-dresser. At this point I was getting ready for bed, I looked down and I was wearing the black lacy bra I'd been searching for. Oops, new level of ditiziness!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Holidays - Yay

We're off on hols this weekend, going to Portugal for 2 weeks back to the villa we rented last year. At least this year I know where Portugal is located. Last year I didn't really think about where Portugal was until my brother was showing son 1 a globe and explaining where Portugal was, never realised it was on the side of Spain. Sort of thought it was near Sweden or somewhere in Europe. This is a prime example of my ditziness where unless I really need to know the detail, I'll just get on a flight to go on holiday and not know where geographically I will be.

A holiday with 3 children is as quoted in Modern Family "a business trip as I will be looking after my children its not a holiday". I am looking forward to no school / playgroup run and just trying to chill out on the beach (with the baby eating sand, older 2 boys fighting over the same spade etc).

Just noticed that if my husband doesn't shave for a day he has a beard. He's been shaving every other day for a few years now and not noticed. Its like the time he shaved off his sideburns but didn't notice for 6 months. As I explained to him, its looking after 3 kids for 14 hrs a day means I don't have time to notice him.

Monday, 14 June 2010

2nd times mums group

Although I'm a 3rd time mum, I joined a 2nd mums group that's organised by the local parent network.

Anyway, its my turn to host tomorrow which in my normal ditzy manner I completely forgot and arranged to meet up with another mum at a playgroup. Luckily I suddenly remembered this afternoon I was hosting otherwise there would have been several mums plus babies landing on my doorstep whilst I was gossiping down the road.

There's loads of us in the group ranging from 10 months down to 5 months, most are on their 2nd but there's a couple of us with 3 kids. Its been interesting joining a new group that's not my NCT group but I have made a complete of fauz pas. Such as the time I suggested to one mum (who has 12 months between her daughter and son - I know!) that she could use a baby walker as all 3 of mine love their walkers. The response was ' I would never use a walker' I was so surprised that I didn't ask why so I didn't look so like a 'slummy mummy' and had to go and find out why walkers are bad from other parents.

The great thing about this group of mums is that they like to drink - yay! As much as I love my NCT mums they don't really drink. This lot like their wine and nice restaurants - yay again! Well I better go and clean my kitchen, so again they don't think I'm a slummy mummy - oh and I'll have to hide the baby walker.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I've had a great weekend mainly as we have sat night off from the kids. My lovely mum looked after all 3 kids last night so that we could go to a friend's 40th bday party. Great party in a coffee shop with the champagne flowing all night, England game and indian food. I managed to hold some sort of adult conversation but it may have leaned towards talking about kids. It was slightly dangerous having free booze as I don't have a stop button particularly if I know I've got the morning off. Then had a fabulous lie-in this morning until 9am which felt like my life before kids - ah those were the days.

We then went to bbq at friends who live around the corner, their son is the best friend of son 1. Again, nice and relaxing with lots of chit chat, bbq food and booze. Kids managed to play together well but son 1 has just thrown up in his brother's bedroom. Not sure if it was too many sweets etc. How come children never throw up in a bucket or toilet?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Stroppy children & disapproving looks

Son 1 who is 5ys / 9 months woke up in a stinking mood, asked for sweets at 6.40am I responded with a quick no, whilst hiding the haribo sweets I was eating at 6.39am. Double standards - me!

Did the school run in the new tank (even though the school is round the corner and it takes longer) but son 1 wanted to ride in the 'boot' as he puts it. Had to hide from other parents who know that we live round the corner - don't want them to think we're lazy! We then went to my favourite sing along group which although is £5.50 a go, means I get great cake and coffee whilst letting son 2 let off energy (run wild) and I get to chat with my fabulous mum friends. But today, son 2 and my friend's little boy decided to be v.manic and make loads of noise during the songs. This wouldn't be a problem normally but no other manic 3 yr old boys only angelic 2 yr girls were there today. So got lots of disapproving looks from mummies who weren't used to rough and tumble boys. In these situations I find myself turning manic trying to calm down my sons and not succeeding as they must feed off my embarassment.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


I really must stop losing my temper with the kids, I can't blame it on pregnancy hormones or PMT every day. Last night, at bathtime I'd bought the kids a pack of body wash sponge thingies. Son 2 was playing with them so I went to search for them. Couldn't find them anywhere so I assumed that son 2 (who has a habit of hiding things) had hidden them. Started shouting "where are they", "where have you put them" whilst he did his normal response "I don't know".

So this went on for about 15 mins, I was getting more and more wound up as I don't know about other parents but the nearer it gets to their bedtime the more agitated I get (I think its that target of having all 3 asleep at the same time is too much pressure). Poor little son 1 and son 2 are running around naked trying to find these sponges. In the end we gave up to read bedtime stories, I then noticed that I'd actually tidied them away in a bag. Whoops, poor son 2 got the blame for my dreadful memory. I will repeat my mantra 'I will stop losing my temper and shouting '.

Just painted my toenails blue, am I too old at 37 to be wearing the 'latest' nail varnish? Looks good though and hubbie called them interesting but he liked them.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So had another the ultimate ditzy experience today. At the gym today went for a swim while I had son 2 at playgroup and son 3 in the gym creche. Came out of the pool went to find my locker and I was determined my new padlock I'd bought the night before was pink but no pink padlocks would open. At this point I started panicking that I couldn't get to the kids in time with my car keys in the locker and no clothes.

So asked the gym staff to break open the locker that I was sure was mine as I thought the combination had changed - but it was someone's else. I then was determined another locker was mine so againe asked the staff to break into a second locker. All this was in front of an extremely packed changing room with everyone holding their breathes as the staff broke into each locker. So 2 lockers down and £10 later I realised my new padlock was actually black not pink and opened the locker next to the 1st one that had been broken into. I was so embarassed and late that I got dressed in about 1 minute. Can't believe that my baby brain means I'm the ultimate ditzy mum.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Buying a tank (people carrier)

Wow, the hassle to buy a 'living the dream' people carrier is unbelievable. Here's the story, now with 3 young kids I had to give into hubbie's suggestion that we needed to buy a people carrier as its near enough impossible to fit them all in the back of the car.

So, couple of ditzy mistakes led to hassle day. Firstly, I've forgotten to get my old banger serviced for 4 years so had to go to my mechanic at 8am this morning before school run (on the way my shoes fell apart as well). Luckily he sorted out the paperwork. Secondly, I then had to drive back to Car Giant with my mum following in her car and son 2 and son 3 (baby) in the back so I could pay for our tank, get the registration form thingy, hand over my old car which has seen me through 3 pregnancies so felt quite emotional. Then get my mum to drive me to the nearest DVLA office. As our new lovely tank is registered to a disabled user (I've learnt a lot in the past week about buying cars and road tax).

So I then got to DVLA but didn't have copy of the new insurance policy (ditzy moment) so after thinking I could get the car unregistered disabled (is there such an expression) but get the road tax when I had the insurance policy documents. So have to go back and if I don't pick up the lovely tank in 2 days from Car Giant they start charging £25 per day for storage. Wow, they have hidden charges for everything (good business model of making loads of £££).

That was my hassle day just to buy a tank - felt more like buying a house!

So still haven't got our lovely new tank so that I can live the middle age dream. Before having child 1 I had a sporty 2 seater convertible. What happened?