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Monday, 21 February 2011

London Zoo and snakes

As its half term I decided to take the boys to London Zoo as son 1 and I are members, they don't charge for under 3s so I have to pretend that son 2 who is 4 years old (and looks it) is under 3. I had to persuade him to sit in the bottom bit of the phil and ted pram so he doesn't look 2 years older than he's meant to be. It took a bit of bribery by promising he could keep the map of London Zoo if he got in the pram (he doesn't realise the maps are free!!!). We had a lovely time looking around all the animal enclosures, only lost the baby once (people are so nice pointing out that he's walking / running out of the bird enclosure). Then son 1 insisted that we had to go in the reptile house, now I have the worse phobia of snakes. I can't even look at a photo and I avoid countries that have snakes wandering around (yes its that bad). After much pleading with me, I took them into the reptile house. I must have looked such a freak, tip toeing down the middle of the reptile house clutching onto the pram, looking at the floor whilst my sons thought it was hilarious to point out where all the snakes were as I screamed when I saw a snake. By the way if your kids likes reptiles there were tons, and they weren't just lying still they were slithering around. I would have never have gone in there before having children, so tonight I have been a good mum today by facing my phobias to entertain my boys.. PS I would have put a photo of a snake but I really don't like them. So here is a harmless photo of a giraffe.

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