Follow my ditzy mummy moments caused by a shrunken brain, not enough sleep and too much juggling.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I had a bit of a panic on christmas eve. The christmas tree lights didn't work when I turned them on in the morning. So sent hubbie out to buy some new ones, not the horrible LED lights but clear fairy lights. No luck, so in the afternoon I went off and still couldn't find any, finally went into the poundshop that I vowed never to use (principles go out of the window when you need something at xmas). They only had multi-coloured but I was getting desperate so boughts loads. I then went home, took down the old ones which miraculous then started working....why didn't I do that in the first place.

We decided to stay at our house on xmas day and invite everyone over. However, I hadn't thought of the hassle involved (that's excluding the issue with the decorations!) I do have a couple of tips for xmas:

a - don't let your husband do the food shopping, £365 it cost and we didn't even get turkey.
b - if you're planning on baking a citron tart (or is that a car?) make sure you have all the right equipment, no baking flan tin or food processor.
c - if you wrap the kids presents use tags so you know whose pressie is whose and then its not a surprise for them.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow and my warm / wet boots

It was like a winter wonderland, an amazing white blanket of fluff covering it.... Then its turned to slush, with brown grit on the paths. Which is fine if you're worried about falling over but it upsets me for a number of reasons: a) its doesn't look pretty and snowy anymore; b) its ruining my boots which work well in snow but not in slush.

My new boots are so warm, they're like uggs but prettier (and cheaper). I bought them off my neighbour and they're called Ewe (strange purchase to make on the school run!!). I love them and so I got v.upset when I had to walk to shops to do xmas shopping and as soon as I hit the slush they started leaking like a wet tissue. Yesterday, when the council put down the grit on the pavements down our road I came out and swept it away so it didn't ruin my boots when I left the house. Then today I looked v.funny pushing the pram but walking sideways so I could walk where there was still snow again so my boots didn't get wet. I probably looked like a crab or a crazy person.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Ditzy mummies unite

I took the baby to a singing group thingy today and met a friend there. On the way in we were being a bit thick as there's building works going on at the venue with a new gate. Although we both looked at the sign saying "gate opens outwards" we were both trying to push the gate inwards. After much pushing and kicking I managed to squeeze my pram through the gap (and burst the tyre). So we approached a builder on the site to say that the gate was working and he pointed to the sign.

We were having a good old gossip whilst the babies were off playing. The play session ends with some more singing, but both our babies tend to wander off rather than wanting to do the singing and actions. So we're sitting there half chatting and half singing. It was during one song that we realised we'd both been rocking to "row row your boat" without the babies being anywhere near us. Then, during a song that requires a clap now and again (5 fat sausages) we both clapped at the same time out of sync with everyone else without either baby again being near us. Oh those crazy mothers!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

OK! Xmas Party

Yes, I went to the OK! Christmas Party on Monday night. My colleague at work knows a celebrity who had been invited but instead she put my name down and my friends on the guest list. So we got v.excited at free cocktails and canapes and seeing celebrities.

Well, it was weird. Basically, the type of celebrities where you go - "oh its that women from Eastenders / Big Brother / that famous Chef, but what's their name". The women all looked the same, big hair and short dresses. But I don't think it went down v.well when a glamour model / barbie girl stood next to me and her fake boobs were so big and protruding that I mistook them for a shelf and put my empty cocktail glass on the 'shelf'.

Look out for the xmas issue with 2 middle-aged women trying to get in photos of the celebs. Check this out

Lost in the country

I went to visit an old school friend out in the country (near Haywards Heath) who has just had her second baby and having house extended so was renting a place for a couple of weeks. Anyway, took 2 of the 3 boys and my other friend Sam was also driving down from London. So Sam and I aren't the most organised (ditzy or busy - not sure!!), I had a postcode for the rented house and Sam had deleted the original text with the full address so was going from memory.

My satnav was taking me to a pub as I think in the country, lots of properties share the same postcode (bloody countryside) and couldn't get hold of our friend.  I managed to meet Sam in her car driving up and down this one long windy country road (I'd already driven up a couple of times) but she had our other school friend who can be very control freak organised who was getting very irritated by our lack of organisational skills as we both drove up and down for about 30 mins trying to find this house without actually knowing the name of the house. It was one of those times that I preferred having 2 small children in the car rather than an adult telling me off!! Poor Sam had our friend getting more and more annoyed. I just found it funny.   

Friday, 3 December 2010


Feeling mean as had hysterics at the baby this week. With the cold weather I tried to find some slippers for him, everything he wears are "hand me downs" from his brothers. So found a pair of slippers that I think are the smallest we have. I put them on him and they were probably 2 sizes too big. When he tried to walk he looked like a baby giraffe or baby deer trying to walk, the slippers were making his legs all wobbly and he was suprised that his legs weren't working properly. It was so funny to watch, the other sons couldn't understand why I was laughing so much. Bad mummy!!!