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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Children and vegetables

All of my 3 sons are fairly fussy eaters and its only now that son 1 (aged 6 years) is starting to eat vegetables. Fruit they like as along as its not too sharp or bitter. I've tried several ways suggested by the numerous children's healthy recipe books but too no avail. They all ate them when they were pureed but vegetables are shunned now they're not babies. I have even tried hiding vegetables in tomato pasta sauce but with all the effort of cooking and pureeing to 'hide' them they were still found and their cute button noses turned up at the pasta. So, imagine my delight when I discovered vegetable crisps as a way to get son 3 (aka the baby) to eat vegetables. I thought I was being so clever as he's such a crisp monster (I know he shouldn't be having crisps at the age of 17 months). Then hubbie pointed out that as they're deep fried they are just like eating 'normal' crisps as all the nutrients from the vegetables have gone. I actually cried out 'no' in slow motion when he revealed this nugget of information. I thought I was being so creative as I'm sure they're healthier than potato crisps aren't they???????? It must be genetic as I would never eat vegetables as a child, its was only in my middle 20s after being a vegetarian for 6 years that I started eating vegetables (yes even as a veggie I didn't eat vegetables). Many times my mum wouldn't let me down from the tables until my vegetables were eaten and I would just sit, sit, sit for hours.


Manic Mum said...

my son hated courgettes, hitler style i march in, give him a pot, some mud and a seed, got him to nuture it and so on, it grew eventually into a plant with courgettes, which he picked, cut and cooked himself, and now he absolutely...still hates them...!!!! you win some you lose some, as long as the balance is roughly that, balancedish, you can't be doing too much wrong!!

ps my 'baby' is 2 and a half, and still is referred to as the baby!!

tamsyn xx (

Anonymous said...

All I can offer is sympathy as I've a 17 monther who eats everything put in front of her (sorry!).

I loved the bit about being a veggie for 6 years without eating them. I was a teenage veggie for 2 and all I'd eat was chips and chocolate. Yeah, my skin was lovely!

Good post, made me smile - and good luck with getting baby to eat his greens :) x

Ditzy Mummy said...

Thanks for the comments. When I have other kids over for playdates and they eat vegetables I find myself staring at them in amazement.