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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Relay race

It often feels like me and hubbie act as a tag team when it comes to looking after the kids. On a saturday was particular crazy morning, as we both try to get to the gym a few times a week it often ends up the weekend is the only time we can both go. So, on saturday I decided we should be organised. Sent hubbie off to gym at 8.30am (it really should open earlier - would have never had said that before kids), then had to meet him at a bday party to drop off son 2's at 10.30 so I go to the gym and hubbie could take son 1 and son 3 to football. I then realised I'd raced off without living a telephone number with the party mummy at the bday party (most 4 year olds don't get left at bday parties without their mummy's). We then had to meet back at 12.30 to gather together as a tribe for lunch. It feels like a relay race....We actually had a lovely lunch at a local pub, obviously spent too much on food they didn't eat but no tantrums or tears.     

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