Follow my ditzy mummy moments caused by a shrunken brain, not enough sleep and too much juggling.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The end of Ditzy Mummy

Hey there, its been a while as I've been far too hectic. I had my brothers' wedding at which I gave a reading - well the wrong reading. I got my Song of Solomon passages wrong, so after forgetting my reading and then having to get up at a lectern the rector had put out another Song of Solomon passage that I had originally said I would do. I went with the reading I had been practising. Anyway it was a fantastic wedding, lots of friendly people (who could have been artifically stimulated to be friendly if you get my drift!). 

I've also realised that after being incredibly broke that I need to get some freelance work (diversity / human rights training or consultancy if anyone is interested) and I don't have enough time. So something has to give and as I don't get many comments / feedback on this blog I've decided my blog has to go. It seems that to make a blog really successful I need to put time and effort in. For the time being its the end of Diary of Ditzy Mummy but to end with another ditzy moment, I recently bought an iPod off ebay (I poured lemon juice on hubbie's which is the 3rd one I've lost or broken). The iPod had been working but when I was walking whilst using it this weekend it kept going on pause, and I couldn't get it to stop. I contacted the seller to point out it now wasn't working and he got annoyed as he said it was working when he sold it to me 3 weeks ago. Hubbie then pointed out that the headphones it had come with had a pause button on it. Oh s**t not again, I need a brain transplant.  

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Silent Sunday