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Thursday, 10 February 2011

I have just been watching an ITV programme about ageism in the TV industry (presented my Miriam O'Reilly who sued the BBC for age discrimination) and started thinking about my own views of older people presenting on TV. One guilty pleasure I have is that I love Loose Women, I find it v.amusing but also thought provoking but what I love the most is the age diversity of the women on the panel (well not much ethnic minority diversity but that's another blog). Now I haven't thought about this before but their variety of ages brings different perspectives and experiences to the discussions they have. I don't want to see a 21 year old blonde women presenting a programme that I watch, as I can't relate to her. I want to see someone with experience of life and the world who can represent wisdom not someone who looks good and represents youth. I think the BBC got it really wrong when they sack older female presenters for younger "fresher" versions. My own bias of age I do have to question regularly, and make sure I don't act upon them. Particularly if someone younger than me at work expresses a view or goes for a job more senior than me I do question whether their age could be a barrier to them doing their job well. The women who covered my maternity leave is 8 years younger than me which made me question whether she was too young or whether she had made more progression in her career. Well, 3 maternity leaves in 6 years doesn't really bode well with promotions. My message to TV companies is that 16-24 year olds are not the ones with money or influence, TV companies should reflect the demographics of those who are more influential who buy the products they are advertising. Come on the oldies!!! Have you experience ageism.

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