Follow my ditzy mummy moments caused by a shrunken brain, not enough sleep and too much juggling.

Monday, 29 November 2010


I'm deeply traumatised as my front veneer tooth came off whilst biting the wrapper off son 2's lolly. I now have a front half tooth, that is brown and filed back. So attractive, I was on the school run and had to borrow a mobile to call the dentist to get an 'emergency' appointment. He didn't think it was an emergency so no appointment until tomorrow. How is it not a emergency when I'm training tomorrow and looking like a crack addict from Mississippi!! Need to learn how to speak without showing my teeth for the whole of tomorrow. Hubbie came back from gym tonight and laughed that I was having to drink my red wine with a straw. It's sensitive, the exposed half tooth so can't eat or drink properly. Son 1 kept asking to look as well, obviously told him its because I don't brush my teeth properly (rather than pregnancy rotting my teeth) but also pointed out that my real tooth next to the front veneers looked brown. Thanks sweetie.

Just checked on son 2 as well, at bedtime he's wanted his light on - usual with a 3 year old. However, my strong-willed child went to sleep under his chair to be near the night light. OMG, the determination. He'll either run the country or be a drug dealer!

My boss

Where do I start with my boss? He's a Director so fairly obsessed with work, etc, etc... He's also obsessed with attention to detail, which if you read my blog you'll realise I'm not. The type of boss who goes through reports with a red pen, that makes you sit down to go through all your grammatical errors. My argument is although I only work 3 days it is a full-time job - perfection and details are not important - making a difference to lives of our staff and patients are much more important (wow I sound important). Another point is that he's not really interested in my area of work, Equality and Diversity (mainly as he doesn't understand) but for me that's a good thing as I get left to my own devices (not good at being micro-manged)

So, had my first one to one meeting with him after 2 months being back after maternity leave. Basically got told off for 'not being on top of everything' over a Committee meeting that I'm responsible for. Blah, blah....Not a good time to ask for my promotion / pay rise then. Had my arguments all planned but had to re-think my strategy!!! How long do I wait now to ask????

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Issues with my cape

I made an impulse buy recently and bought a lovely black wool cape to wear to a wedding. However, there have been issues with it. At the wedding, I wore it with a light grey dress, black tights and a thick black belt - as I only had one outfit for a wedding that was 200 miles from home it was a bit late when I realised I looked like an old fashioned nurse. All I needed was the paper hat that nurses wore 40 years ago.

Today, I decided to wear it work. But, I couldn't carry my bag on my shoulder, as the cape bunched up to much so I had to do that holding in the crook of my arm which looks good but is uncomfortable. Then when I was on the packed tube, reached up to grab the rail and as I'm so short the cape hit the person sitting on the seat below right in the face. On the way home, the wind kept blowing the cape up into the air making me look like a witch.... Maybe not so stylish.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Crowd Control

Having 3 children means that often its crowd control and counting 3 children before leaving somewhere. Often in the playground at school as its so busy I lose son 2 who tends to wander off to play with the other 3 year old siblings. But unlike son 1 who is like an elastic band (he always comes pinging back, very reliable), I can't guarantee he'll be by my side when I walk off. Many times I have gone to leave the school playground counted only 2 children so shouting his name and then son 1 is trying to interrupt me to tell me that son 2 is already sitting in the pram (its a phil and ted so don't always look at both levels).

Then on Friday, I was leaving the gym after meeting a friend and I only had baby and son 2 with me. I went to leave, starting panicking where the baby had wandered off and my friend is laughing at me as she'd picked up the baby to help and told me so but as normal my selective hearing hadn't worked.

I suppose at least I don't take home the wrong child, well I haven't yet.

Monday, 15 November 2010

zombies and doctors

After watching new FX programme "Walking the Dead" based on the film 28 days later I had nightmares about zombies all night, not watching that again. Its tiring killing zombies all night. 

Anyway, after getting to the doctors for baby's appointment with the nurse at 8am, she was really late. So had to amuse all 3 sons, I pointed to one of the poster's in the waiting room and said "look at the funny sausage picture". I didn't really look and then noticed it was a condom (not a sausage) promoting safe sex (the condom had beer goggles on - get it!). Fortunately, as usual my kids ignored me but it was a v.packed waiting room. Oh ditzy mummy.... 

Friday, 12 November 2010

I need a wife

I can't seem to get the right place at the right time. Today, managed to get all 3 boys ready for school out of the house and at the doctors for 8am so the baby could have his MMR. Right time, wrong day. It was for Monday, I do vaguely remembering writing it down at work with date of 15th butin my head was sure the appointment was for today.

I was mentioning to colleague yesterday that I need a wife (she thought I had something to tell her). Isn't that what proper wives do, remind their husbands / partners where, what and when they're meant to be... but maybe I just need some new brain cells that can remember better. Not sure if my brain has shrunk or tiredness just means I can't retain information. Have you had any forgetful moments seen kids came along?

Sunday, 7 November 2010

In my prime at 38???

Apparently according to Style magazine (Daily Telegraph - my mum gets it) I'm in my prime at the ripe old age of 38. I have to admit I was quite shocked at this news as don't feel in my prime at 5am when baby has woken me up and looking at my tummy. But, thinking about it today I could be in my prime because: 
  • Doing well in my career, could be at the next level but working mums can't have it all, but I do feel now and again I have inspirational moments when I come up with great ideas (most of the time if I get there with right shoes and hair straightened its a miracle). I like my job and never dread going to work.
  • I'm not intimidated by anyone as I'm more confident than I've ever been (maybe if I met Robbie Williams might feel a bit nervous). In my 20s always felt insecure talking to more senior people at work or new people out and about. But now I can more or less go into a room not knowing anyone and do ok chatting about some cr*p or other.
  • My body is a bit droopy in places (3 kids later that's inevitable). But weigh less than in my 20s and fitter as I know my metabolism is slower and have to work harder at the gym & eat better.
  • I think I dress better, I know what works and what doesn't. I can afford a decent hairdresser and colourist so I think my hair looks better than it did. Plus, not much sunbathing (skin burns like mad) and a regular skin routine means I think I look my age rather than older.
  • Then there are my kids, I'm finally done having anymore babies and sleepless nights are sort of over, well let's hope. I'm married to a lovely man and I have my own home.

 So, yes I'm possibly in my prime at 38!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Not the wrong shoes

With the tube strike I decided to 'get on my bike' and cycle to work, well to the venue for the event I was running for Black History Month. By the way it nearly killed me, its all so competitive with other cyclists and wasn't sure which side to overtake cars plus don't know how to work the gears, there's gears on the left handle and on the right handle - really not sure how they work (I know!).

So, got all my outfit in my backpack sorted trying to concentrate on making sure that I had everything I needed to change into whilst son 3 the baby was clinging onto my leg crying in a weak voice as he has tonsillitis. Kept looking at my lovely red 'power' shoes that I wear for work and reminding myself not to forget them. From Ealing to the venue off Oxford Street was about 6-8 miles (not sure) got to Shepherds Bush and realised I had forgotten my shoes and my green trainers probably wouldn't work with the work outfit. I was chairing the event so would be standing up presenting to the audience wearing trainers!! 

Fortunately my director's PA is in the office early and I have a drawer full of shoes for work at my desk, so she saved the day - bit embarrassing having to ask her to bring me a pair of shoes though...  

Monday, 1 November 2010

Dead fish & blocked toilet

I came home from work last week to find that chaos was everywhere. The upstairs toilet had been blocked by my 2 year old nephew so the toilet was starting to flood, so unblocked that (lovely!!). Then son 1 starting getting into a state as he thought he'd blocked downstairs toilet with his poo and it was also starting to flood but after unblocking that with hubbie's golf stick or whatever they're called, found loads of toilet roll down that toilet again from my nephew.

As bedtime when I'm working is always a bit rushed and frantic went back up to sort out baths etc to find that one of the fish was floating upside down as kids from party the day before had tipped all the fishfood in. I had to get the dead fish out (I didn't want to traumatise the kids or the remaining fish with his death) so got him out and put him the toilet forgetting that had been blocked. Then starting panicking that the kids would see the dead fish in the toilet and it would start overflowing with all the toilet tissue etc. Luckily I unblocked toilet and fish went away to his watery grave. How would I explain to a plumber why there was a dead fish floating around in our toilet.