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Saturday, 12 February 2011


I have a major problem with mobile phones and texts. Recently I had to have a lesson from friends on putting kisses after messages, it went "your text are rather short and to the point", "well I don't know what I'm meant to put at the end and my new blackberry doesn't recognise lol in predictor text". So my friends gave me a short lesson on when I should put kisses and how many (apparently not on texts to colleagues or mums from the school). I also have lost many phones so my mobile numbers get lost until the person texts me on my new phone. Yesterday I received a text from an unknown number, the message from Sue was asking if I wanted to go out with Year 1 mums. Now not sure who Sue is, I never remember other mums names as I'm usually judging  considering the names of their children. Now I'm not sure whether to reply back say yes, turn up to the evening and get a pleasant surprise when I realise who Sue is ! Or do I ignore and hope the said mum asks if I got her text. What shall I do????

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mama-andmore said...

I reckon go if you actually do want to go to the evening do, but if you don't feel like it and get quizzed you can use the old "oh, I dropped the bloody phone down the loo yesterday" trick! BTW, like the funny on kids' names ; ) xx