Follow my ditzy mummy moments caused by a shrunken brain, not enough sleep and too much juggling.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another wedding

I went to another wedding on Monday, my old university friend Onelia who is one of my favourite people's in the world. The wedding was up in Cheshire and in true style we arrived late to the church just as the bride was walking down the aisle. After the vows in English and then the groom started saying something we couldn't hear and my friend asked what he was saying to which I replied he was speaking Latin, nope it was Italian - didn't think of that considering Onelia is Italian.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Worked late after putting kids to bed (Freedom of Information requests are the worst) so I was looking forward to sleep. Especially since the baby has been ill and waking up at 5am for the past week. Imagine my delight when son 1 came up to our room (well he sneaks up really quietly) at 4am, as he got confused at what the time was. Instead of putting him back to his bed I told him just to get into our bed (we NEVER have them sleeping in our bed) and my god I remember why they don't sleep in our bed.

I don't think son 1 understood my rules (my hubbie really knows the rules) of sleeping in my bed, you don't fidget, move, snore, breathe (if possible at least not loud breathing), turn over, talk in your sleep and definitely don't push me off my own pillow. Again, how do people have their kids sleep in their beds, why, oh why!! I didn't get any sleep between 4am and 5.15am and then baby woke up!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I know who did it

Just sitting watching the MOBOs and a drunken memory has come back. I think I know who stole my bag. One minute I saw bloke from JLS and the next my clutch bag (well) was stolen. I think it was him!! Well I'm sure they're record deal isn't that good maybe he needed a new phone / or bag.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hurry, hurry, hurry

On saturday I finally had a night out for my friend's birthday. I was in such a rush getting kids ready for bed whilst ignoring the scowls from hubbie and trying to look half decent. On my way out I grabbed the blow up bed as I was staying over, finally get to my friends and get the bed out to blow up and realised I've bought the wallpaper stripper steamy thing. How did I mix them up? They both have photos on the box, just grabbed the first box out of the loft that was the right size. My friend doesn't even have wallpaper so she definitely didn't need a wallpaper stripper!!

I also thought we were going out for a quiet meal, nope it was a new bar / club trendy place in Shoreditch with no food. So I also got that wrong, my friend had told me the place we were going to but I hadn't checked what we were doing. Great night but my bag (well my friend's whose I borrowed) got nicked with my only watch and phone. I forgot that stuff gets nicked when you're in a club not a playground.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Bl**dy escalators

Why oh why do I not listen to my inner voice? Today big incident with an escalator rather than using the lift.

Went off for quick shopping to Westfield for hubbie's bday present, he wanted sweatshirt from Hollister. Normally I would order off website but its £20 delivery which is daylight robber so off we went. Normally has queues of teenagers outside and is always too dark and hot for me to deal with.... So got his sweatshirt and son 2 had decided he wouldn't use the lifts so we were using escalators which is always difficult with pram and small child.

On the last escalator on the way to the carpark he stepped to close to the edge and his foot got caught in the moving parts, quickly got his foot out and he was screaming really loudly. The whole way home he was screaming so I was trying not to panic and figuring out how to get someone to look after the baby and pick up son 1 from school whilst keeping son 2 from stopping screaming if we went to A&E. I hate A&E, working in the NHS I know how much £££ parents waste taking their precious children to A&E instead of the doctors or just being sensible. Whilst all this thinking is going on, with the screaming he decides he won't let me have the windows open and I couldn't get the air conditioning working.

Get home in a real panic now as thinking if he's broken bones and I don't take him to A&E he might never walk!!! Fortunately next door neighbour sister was visiting and is a paramedic, she thought no broken bones. But weirdly for the first time in nearly 2 years he took himself to bed and went to sleep. What would you do? Would you take them to A&E?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mummy at work

Been back at work 2 weeks now and slowly getting back into the chaos that is a working mum. Getting ready whilst getting 3 boys ready for school, nursery school and nanny whilst putting make-up, outfit that matches and doing hair is challenging. I used to straighten my hair in my office when I got to work but the new office is all open plan, last week I was in the middle of straightening my hair before everyone got in the office and the Deputy Chief Exec came over to say hello, quickly had to slip my straightening irons into my draw. Whoops....
Also last week again didn't recognise an ex-rugby player. I was watching son 2 at football when one of the Dads was basically coaching his little boy in the middle of his football lesson. I mentioned it to my husband who normally takes the boys to football, he told me the reason he was so pushy was that he was Martin Offiah - who used to play international rugby league. How am I meant to know who all these old sports people are???