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Friday, 4 February 2011


My lovely friend sent my some warehouse vouchers as a thank you for passing on loads of baby stuff. So at work popped over to shops to try on some dresses with my vouchers, picked up a few and went to try them on. This is where my problems began, with the size 10 I couldn't get it over my chest and got stuck with the dress on my head, went a bit red but managed to get it off. Then with the size 12, I managed to get the zip up but couldn't get it down, I was trying to reach my arm over and down my back but no luck and then reach my arm up to get the zip down but still stuck....I couldn't figure out how to get the dress off without ripping it off. 10 minutes later I was actually starting to really panic now as I could not get the zip to budge. Just as I was calling my colleague to come and rescue me I heard the assistant in the changing rooms and embarassingly had to ask for her to undo the zip. Why is it so traumatic trying on clothes????? 

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