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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Pet Hates

This week's listography is Pet Hates which I got inspiration from Super amazing mum
1) Overhead lights, they steal you're energy (I know its sounds weird but its one of my many weird philosophies) so in our house there is always an ongoing debate with hubbie when I turn on lamps, he can't see so turns on the overhead light, I turn it off and on it goes. At work the horrible florescent lights are not allowed to be on over my desk and we now have lamps on our desk where I sit.
2) Helicopter parents, those parents who hover around their children. Now that's their business if they want to be over anxious and not let their children discover independence but when they start doing it to my children it winds me up. As I have 3 children I can't hover over them so the baby is often left at soft play parks to climb up frames etc without me hovering over him. This has caused problems in the past when son 2 who has no fear, is on a climbing frame and anothe parent gets panicked which then makes him think there is something wrong and in the past this has caused him to fall when another parents shouted out this alarmed him and he lost his footing.
3) Rude people on the tube - let me off the train and you will get onto the train quicker, simple, there's signs / announcements everywhere giving this message. 
4) Cold callers - got a new way to get rid of them on the phone, "hello is Ms Bown there" "no I'm not in at the moment" and put the phone down.  
5) Capes - I've decided I don't like them  which I now realise are do not look good on anyone and are not flattering just a fashion thing that doesn't work see my post about capes I have now sold my on ebay.
6) Toilet seats in a house with 4 boys, although one boy is in nappies the others all wee all over my toilet. I have tried to introduce a new rule that all boys sit down to do a wee but hubbie wouldn't go for it. With son 1 and son 2 they don't even lift the toilet seat up but aim their wee over the seat (without lifting) so I sit down on a wet seat (which is cleverly hidden) - not nice. My ongoing mantra is lift the seat then lower the seat. I had managed to toilet train them sitting down but they soon learned normal boys don't do this. Damn. Also when women hover over public toilets (so they don't catch diseases - never understood that one) they also wee all over the seat - clear it up!

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The Domestic Anarchist said...

I constantly use the ditty; If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be sweet & wipe the seat, It works ocassionally x