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Monday, 15 November 2010

zombies and doctors

After watching new FX programme "Walking the Dead" based on the film 28 days later I had nightmares about zombies all night, not watching that again. Its tiring killing zombies all night. 

Anyway, after getting to the doctors for baby's appointment with the nurse at 8am, she was really late. So had to amuse all 3 sons, I pointed to one of the poster's in the waiting room and said "look at the funny sausage picture". I didn't really look and then noticed it was a condom (not a sausage) promoting safe sex (the condom had beer goggles on - get it!). Fortunately, as usual my kids ignored me but it was a v.packed waiting room. Oh ditzy mummy.... 

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wonder woman (jr) said...

Briliant! Love it! Tat's one of those great "doh!" mummy-moments : )

Lovely blog, I'm hopeless at being short and sweet - must try harder, must try harder - you do it so well. Look forward to reading more x (this is mama-andmore btw)