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Friday, 5 November 2010

Not the wrong shoes

With the tube strike I decided to 'get on my bike' and cycle to work, well to the venue for the event I was running for Black History Month. By the way it nearly killed me, its all so competitive with other cyclists and wasn't sure which side to overtake cars plus don't know how to work the gears, there's gears on the left handle and on the right handle - really not sure how they work (I know!).

So, got all my outfit in my backpack sorted trying to concentrate on making sure that I had everything I needed to change into whilst son 3 the baby was clinging onto my leg crying in a weak voice as he has tonsillitis. Kept looking at my lovely red 'power' shoes that I wear for work and reminding myself not to forget them. From Ealing to the venue off Oxford Street was about 6-8 miles (not sure) got to Shepherds Bush and realised I had forgotten my shoes and my green trainers probably wouldn't work with the work outfit. I was chairing the event so would be standing up presenting to the audience wearing trainers!! 

Fortunately my director's PA is in the office early and I have a drawer full of shoes for work at my desk, so she saved the day - bit embarrassing having to ask her to bring me a pair of shoes though...  

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