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Monday, 1 November 2010

Dead fish & blocked toilet

I came home from work last week to find that chaos was everywhere. The upstairs toilet had been blocked by my 2 year old nephew so the toilet was starting to flood, so unblocked that (lovely!!). Then son 1 starting getting into a state as he thought he'd blocked downstairs toilet with his poo and it was also starting to flood but after unblocking that with hubbie's golf stick or whatever they're called, found loads of toilet roll down that toilet again from my nephew.

As bedtime when I'm working is always a bit rushed and frantic went back up to sort out baths etc to find that one of the fish was floating upside down as kids from party the day before had tipped all the fishfood in. I had to get the dead fish out (I didn't want to traumatise the kids or the remaining fish with his death) so got him out and put him the toilet forgetting that had been blocked. Then starting panicking that the kids would see the dead fish in the toilet and it would start overflowing with all the toilet tissue etc. Luckily I unblocked toilet and fish went away to his watery grave. How would I explain to a plumber why there was a dead fish floating around in our toilet.

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