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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Crowd Control

Having 3 children means that often its crowd control and counting 3 children before leaving somewhere. Often in the playground at school as its so busy I lose son 2 who tends to wander off to play with the other 3 year old siblings. But unlike son 1 who is like an elastic band (he always comes pinging back, very reliable), I can't guarantee he'll be by my side when I walk off. Many times I have gone to leave the school playground counted only 2 children so shouting his name and then son 1 is trying to interrupt me to tell me that son 2 is already sitting in the pram (its a phil and ted so don't always look at both levels).

Then on Friday, I was leaving the gym after meeting a friend and I only had baby and son 2 with me. I went to leave, starting panicking where the baby had wandered off and my friend is laughing at me as she'd picked up the baby to help and told me so but as normal my selective hearing hadn't worked.

I suppose at least I don't take home the wrong child, well I haven't yet.

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