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Monday, 29 November 2010

My boss

Where do I start with my boss? He's a Director so fairly obsessed with work, etc, etc... He's also obsessed with attention to detail, which if you read my blog you'll realise I'm not. The type of boss who goes through reports with a red pen, that makes you sit down to go through all your grammatical errors. My argument is although I only work 3 days it is a full-time job - perfection and details are not important - making a difference to lives of our staff and patients are much more important (wow I sound important). Another point is that he's not really interested in my area of work, Equality and Diversity (mainly as he doesn't understand) but for me that's a good thing as I get left to my own devices (not good at being micro-manged)

So, had my first one to one meeting with him after 2 months being back after maternity leave. Basically got told off for 'not being on top of everything' over a Committee meeting that I'm responsible for. Blah, blah....Not a good time to ask for my promotion / pay rise then. Had my arguments all planned but had to re-think my strategy!!! How long do I wait now to ask????

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