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Monday, 29 November 2010


I'm deeply traumatised as my front veneer tooth came off whilst biting the wrapper off son 2's lolly. I now have a front half tooth, that is brown and filed back. So attractive, I was on the school run and had to borrow a mobile to call the dentist to get an 'emergency' appointment. He didn't think it was an emergency so no appointment until tomorrow. How is it not a emergency when I'm training tomorrow and looking like a crack addict from Mississippi!! Need to learn how to speak without showing my teeth for the whole of tomorrow. Hubbie came back from gym tonight and laughed that I was having to drink my red wine with a straw. It's sensitive, the exposed half tooth so can't eat or drink properly. Son 1 kept asking to look as well, obviously told him its because I don't brush my teeth properly (rather than pregnancy rotting my teeth) but also pointed out that my real tooth next to the front veneers looked brown. Thanks sweetie.

Just checked on son 2 as well, at bedtime he's wanted his light on - usual with a 3 year old. However, my strong-willed child went to sleep under his chair to be near the night light. OMG, the determination. He'll either run the country or be a drug dealer!

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