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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wardrobe malfunctions

One of my traits of being a ditzy mummy is that I often don't put my clothes on properly like I have dressed in the dark, complete wardrobe malfunctions. Today was one of those incidents, I was trying to put on a long cardigan whilst talking to someone at work and I couldn't understand why it felt funny. I then noticed I was trying to put it on upside down. Other recent incidents have included:
  • Putting on my cardigan inside out which I hadn't noticed until a colleague pointed out.
  • Asking someone how my new dress was looking, reply was "great but you might want to remove the tag".
  • Taking off my jeans before going to bed and realising that I'd had a pair of knickers from the washing stuffed down one of the legs - they were skinny jeans, not sure how I missed that. 
  • The wrong shoes are a big problem see Not wrong shoes
I am quite pleased if I manage to get to work with an outfit that looks okish with accessories that sort of match but there have been other problems not down to my ditiziness but caused by children. With son one, when he was a baby I delivered a whole day's training without realising he had been sick down my back on my suit jacket.  At the moment, son 3 nose is at the same height as my crutch so often at work and notice that his snot has been wipped on my trousers (around the crutch area) which looks v.dodgy. Wet wipes are a mums best friend.   


WorkingLondonMummy said...

Oh I put Cardigan on inside out wert now and then too, and post baby my threshold for the acceptable amount of crap on my clothes before leaving the house has dropped considerably...!

Ditzy Mummy said...

I would have never left the house with clothes inside out prior to having children - its amazing how my priorities have changed!!!

would like to be a yummy mummy said...

Hee hee, this made me laugh. Love the name of your blog because I am very ditzy too. I was walking around with my skirt tucked in my knickers the other day. It takes too long to sort out the girls, I just throw on my clothes, a bit of lip gloss and off we go!

Ditzy Mummy said...

Ah, that made my laugh. I always intend to have my work outfit ready the night before but that never works.

Ditzy Mummy said...

Sorry I wasn't clear, the knickers tucked in made me laugh!