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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Kreative Blog Award

I would like to thank 'would like to be a yummy mummy' f or awarding me a Kreativ Blogger Award. The Rules are:
  • Link to 10 blogs; 
  • Tell these bloggers about the award; and
  • Share 10 facts about myself.
1. When I was student, my favourite receipe I devised and loved was noodles, creme fraiche mixed with hoi sin sauce and sweetcorn.
2. With son 1 I was induced many times and in  labour (on and off) over a 5 day period until I had an emergency caesaran, I was extremely excited but extraordinately tired when he was born.
3. I used to work for a charity called Business in the Community, Prince Charles was the President of the charity and very interested in the initiative worked on. This led to me going to lunch at Highgrove with Prince Charles which was fascinating to see whose photos he had up!!!
4. I can't sew, not at all. Every button I've sewed as fallen off and any hem I've attempted to turn up has fallen down. I now take all my repairs to a man down the road.
5. When I was 11 (or could have been 12) I spent a weekend attempting back flips on an old matress, when I finally succeeded it felt such an achievement.
6. I love chocolate and wine, seperately or together.
7. I went to university as a mature student (at the tender age of 21 but that was a mature student and I got a grant). I proved to my teachers that I was clever enough to go to university (always in the top streams but a school that was obbessed by their place in the league tables).
8. As a 5 year old I loved a brown corduary dress and wouldn't wear anything else.
9. I used cloth nappies for all my babies, it doesn't really fit my other slummy mummy ways but I hate disposable nappies and hate the thought of mountains and mountains of landfill.
10. I love all the American TV series, Brothers & Sisters, Gray's Anatomy, The Good Wife, House, Fringe etc.

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Gemma said...

Aww thank you so much :) I'm glad we are not driving you to the depths of despair ;)

Thanks again, really sweet of you xx