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Sunday, 24 April 2011


I've been motivated to join the Great Nappy Debate by Really Rachel blog about my experience of using cloth nappies. When other parents find out I use cloth nappies I can see their brains ticking over and not comprehending that I use cloth nappies as it doesn't really go with my parenting style / ways. Mainly as I tend to steer towards the slummy mummy label, didn't breastfeed, quite forgetful and am not at all earth mothery. So I like it that I challenge people's stereotypes. We have used cloth nappies for all our 3 boys and I am the biggest advocate of cloth nappies. We bought a whole bunch of motherease nappies when I was pregnant with my first, mainly as the only friend who had a baby used them so I just copied her. Now, I use them as I really don't like disposables mostly as I find the smell nasty and when my boys have worn disposables they are so skinny their trousers fall down (as cloth nappies are bulky it holds up their trousers). Strange but a practical reason as little boys can't run around with their trousers round their ankles. The cost and practicality for me is another reason I like cloth nappies, after the first batch of nappies they have lasted through all 3 boys. I have bought some more, tot bots are good for at night. Cloth nappies also don't leak poo if its runny which saves on washing clothes. I find it easier to wash nappies than go to the supermarket, buy the right sized disposables at the right another benefit is my sons have started moving it easier to do up cloth nappies with poppers than disposables that use tabs. I know there's been some ridiculous government research that concluded they are not environmentally better which was shown to be flawed research. I personally don't tumble dry the nappies and find I only have to do 2-3 washes of nappies a week as I have about 20 nappies so I can't see how I used more electricity. There are some disadvantages, as son 2 drinks lots of water when he wore nappies they often leaked (many times put him on my lap and then had a wet / wee patch on my trousers - nice). But he's the exception to the rule. Also, washing poo off the nappies is not much fun but I just shut my eyes and ignore what I'm doing. Overall though I can't see how putting scratchy disposable nappies compares to putting a little baby's bottom in soft cloth. I would recommend the The Nappy Lady for good advice and to buy nappies. If you're looking to buy Let me know your experiences / comments / criticisms.



Manic Mum said...

hey i used them for all of mine too-i think they rule. and i always say to everyone, even if they do not use them as a rule, if every mummy in the world replaced just ONE nappy change a day with a terry nappy- can you imagine the difference that'd make on such a huge scale, the environment would benefit so much from just one tiny gesture...- i want to set the wheels of this statement put into practice!!!

nice environmental work u!!

see u soon tamsyn xx

Ditzy Mummy said...

I like this statement, might try it with new parents. Well done to you as well, you must have more than one baby in nappies at one time. How much washing was that?

Manic Mum said...

LOTS!!! it's all over now howver! except one at night for the 2-yr-old. yep, they have pretty much all been in nappies and potty trained simultaneously!

thank the lord above for washing machines!!

off for a well deserved dog walk with just lil un now, as others back at school.