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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Skiing holiday

Its all been a bit quite on the ditzy mummy front as I've been on a skiing holiday with all the kids and hubbie. I booked the holiday over 7 months ago so been very excited about going skiing again and seeing son 1 and son 2 learning to ski. So at 3.30am on a Saturday we set off to Gatwick to catch a ridiculously early flight with loads of luggage of which hardly any was mine. 
The hotel was lovely, nice big rooms with seperate room for the 3 boys and enormous bathroom. However, some of the other guests' tolerance of children was v.low. Now considering it was a family hotel which a kids club / creche in the hotel you would have thought that people who don't like children would not book into this hotel. Oh no, the result was lots of tutting and comments about our unruly kids and other people's. I do remember a time when I would be the person with a hangover on a flight or staying at a hotel who was highly intolerant of children but I don't remember being that bad (ah rose tinted glasses). It was quite funny on the coach back to the airport, all the windy mountain roads resulted in son 1 and son 2 being sick into a plastic bag and all the intolerant youngsters had serious hangovers at 6am, it was funny watching them controlling their quesiness with the sound and smell of our boys' vomit. It was also quite amazing how good hubbie and me are at catching sick without getting it on us or on the vomiting child!

Skiing was really good, I used to work in a ski resort and since having children haven't been able to go that often so it was great to smell the mountain air and the feel the exhiliration of skiing. But, my poor legs....My mind was telling me to ski like a 19 year old but my body was telling me to stop and slow it down. All in all, we had a fab holiday and would thoroughly recommend Neilsons for travelling with children, all the nannies was amazing and the 2 older boys skipped into kids club.

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WorkingLondonMummy said...

lucky you, how nice. I can't wait to take my daughter skiing, though husband and I will need to limber up too!!