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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sick baby

We've had our second visit to A&E in 6.5 years. As I see from work how much NHS money which are far too precious is spent on people not using A&E properly I rarely take the kids to A&E if they are sick but we had a bit of an alarm this week with son 3 (aka the baby). I had a frantic phone call from our nanny on Tuesday, she never calls me so I knew it was something serious. Son 3 has had a nasty cold and cough for a few weeks but didn't seem that sick, a bit of temperature but went down with calpol. After his nap, our nanny had noticed that he was shaking, his eyes were glazed over and he couldn't breathe properly which she thought was the beginning of a fit. So she'd rushed him to the doctors at the top of our road, they called an ambulance straight away and gave him oxygen. At this moment, I'm racing back from Waterloo trying to get to Ealing Hospital with awful thoughts going through my head. When I finally got to the hospital he was better but still quite hot (still high temperature) and unhappy. He'd had a febrile convulsion due to a virus, poor little thing. He's now better after the GP finally gave him antibiotics and he's started recovering from a bad chest infection. The whole experience scared the s**t out of me, I felt completely helpless that I wasn't with him when he was in the ambulance and guilt that I should have looked after him better so he didn't get so ill / shouldn't have gone to work when he was unwell. To make matters worse we had been trying to get him off the bottle as he's now 18 months and a health visitor at work told me it will rot his teeth to still give him milk in a bottle. This hadn't been going too well and he was refusing milk and sometimes water in a lid cup so he was dehydrated. My mother's instinct was telling me that he was deydrated and needed a bottle to get fluid but I was influenced by other people.


ritz said...

Hi, can totally relate to the convulsions. My son had them twice, once when he was five and once when he was six. Both times he had a high temperature and you're right - it DOES scare the s**t out of you, especially if you've never experienced it before! He was even hallucinating and although his eyes were open, wasn't responding. I took him to A&E and they gave him the all clear after a couple of hours.

As for the milk, go with your insincts.

Ditzy Mummy said...

Hi, thanks for the comment fortuntely / unfortunately I didn't see the convulsion as my nanny was with him. Yes, the milk is still coming out of a bottle. Also need to get him to brush his teeth!!!