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Monday, 18 April 2011

Major meltdown

We are on a big thing with son 1 and son 2 to tidy up after themselves (ie. put clothes in laundry bin, tidy toys away, put cups by the sink - blah blah). Its not going well, and yesterday son 1 couldn't find his bicycle helmet as he couldn't remember where he left it because he doesn't put things back. This lead to a major meltdown, lots of shouting and crying (that was just me!) at the boys as they are really not 'getting' the whole tidying up behaviour. Embarssingly as it was a hot day all the windows and doors were open, so our next door neighbours heard my complete meltdown and then I bumped into them 5 minutes afterwards and they couldn't look me in the eye (I think they were scared - I was really shouting). Later on at bathtime, I was asking son 2 where the jug for washing hair was. He got out of the bath, found the jug in his brother's room and stated "mummy, if you put it back in the proper place after you have used it then you would have been able to find it". Blimey, I can't believe he's throwing back at me the lessons I'm trying to teach them. He's so cute, it really made me smile!!! All I can say is I bet girls would tidy up after themselves.


MummyDichotomy said...

Erm don't bet on it. My 4yo is pathologically untidy. Regularly found emptying her entire wardrobe onto the floor and then complaining she can't find whatever it is she wants to wear / play with etc. I suffer regular morning meltdowns racing round to try and locate missing items for school / nursery etc!

Ditzy Mummy said...

Thanks for the comment. That was my daydream as always wanted a girl!! My middle son does that at bedtime, asks where some random bit of plastic tat toy and won't go to sleep until I've found it. I'm just as bad at misplacing my keys / mobile phone etc.

Rachel said...

Hi! I'm with MummyDichotomy there - girls don't tidy up after themselves. Our house is Such A Mess. I bribe mine with Smarties to get them to put stuff away :)

PS Thanks for your comment on my nappy post. Have you blogged about nappies? If you have/do pls add your link on my Great Nappy Debate page.

lizmlangley said...

I have two girls and they are tidy - I think mine are the exception rather than the rule! I do worry that I've inflicted my heinous OCDs on them though ;o)