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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My top 5 children's animated films

Becoming a parent has meant that now I never get a chance to watch adult films anymore but on the postive side I have discovered some great animated children's films with my boys. I've decided to rate my top 5 films in reverse order:
5 - The Incredibles: I have seen this films so many times as son 1 was addicted when he was 3 followed by son 2 who loved it as well. Has some great adult lines that really made me giggle, one of the best is when Frozone (a superhero) is arguing with his wife as he can't find his superhero suit so he can save the world and she is insisting they he doesn't need it as they're having friends over. I love that this conversation probably takes place all the time in homes but not over a superhero suit. 
4 -  UP: A beautifully animated film that made me cry, kids thought I was mad and asking why I was crying. The story is so emotional and has a lovely little message of following your dreams.
3 - Robots: We are now onto our second DVD of this film as somehow it has been worn out. A funny little film that has some humour with some big belly laughs.
2 - Toy Story 2: Where do I start with this film, which I believe is the best one out of the three Toy Story films. Again, funny lines with sweet story about friendships. It also has some brillant outtakes that are hilarious.
1 - Over The Hedge: This is a relatively unknown film but keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat from the beginning. It has the best adult lines and is jammed packed with funny scenes. I love this film and make the kids watch it with the sub-titles so I don't miss anything.
So these are my top 5 animated films, very different to the usual Arthouse films I love but I've grown to love children's animated films and ignore hubbie when he says I shouldn't buy the boys so many DVDs. I don't think he realises I sort of buy them for me as well.

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