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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Letter to my boys (sleep)

Dear my 3 beautiful boys,

You all need to sleep past 6.30am. If the baby wakes up, go back to sleep – you’ll be better behaved for it. Son 3, I know you’re a baby (well nearly a toddler) but can you go back to sleep at 5.30am – you wake up your brothers and then they are mean to you. When mummy doesn’t have enough sleep she is ditzy at work, cranky and not the best mummy in the world, this is what happens:
  • Mummy forgets things, leaving the office without her mobile, work ID and straighteners still plugged in on her desk.
  • She asks her colleague to meet with Maria and then 5 minutes later her colleague asks if its Maria she wants her to talk to, and mummy says “whose Maria”. Mummy’s colleagues do sometimes find her forgetfulness funny but I’m sure it will start to be annoying.
  • Mummy is so tired she fell asleep standing up on the tube.
  • Let’s not forget when you wake up too early this means that daddy is tired too.
So my little bundles of joy, if its dark when you wake up and you can’t hear us that means its too early. Sweet dreams.......
Love Mummy

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