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Monday, 3 January 2011

Dancing and kick boxing

I've managed to put on half a stone over xmas, its so unfair so I put on my new dance exercise DVD the other night.Its one of those 10 minute solution DVDs (which are good) but with all the dance moves I kept having to pause and rewind to learn the moves. Then have a practise before pressing play again, I found it so difficult and too quick. Where has my groove gone? God I'm such a middle-aged mum, fortunately no-one can see me trying to do the dancing / exercise (well I hope my neighbours can’t). Anyone else lost their groove since having kids?

I also made the mistake today of teaching son 1 and son 2 a few kick boxing moves. I did kick-boxing about 10 years ago (used to be my party trick until I hurt hubbie). I was trying to show them how to do it without hurting each other that doesn’t really work with a 6 and 4 year old. Oh dear need to think things through.


Anonymous said...

found you via BMB, Sophie's discussion. Hello and happy new year.
Good luck with the DVD (are you band from the gym following the padlock incident - it made me laugh!!)

Ditzy Mummy said...

Happy New Year. No I'm not banned from the gym but I should be, I couldn't look the receptionist in the eye for a few months. I do get a bit of a panic now if a black padlock has been used for the locker next to mine.

Gemma said...

Totally lost my groove after having soph along with most of my brain. I seem to have no control of my limbs at times and look like a mad woman fighting off a swarm of wasps when trying to dance. Maybe we can start a new dance craze? :) happy new year! X