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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Birthday cake

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son 2 who is now 4 years old. We had the children’s party on Friday at the gym where they do everything except the cake. He’s been insisting on a pirate birthday cake for ages, the pirate obbession has now been going on for 2 years. So as unorganised as usual, got to few days before the party and thought I could order a cake for a couple of days time from Waitrose. But no, needed 7 days notice and the computer said no. So I realised I would have to end up making the cake, now I don’t do any mummy baking stuff so this was all a bit of a traumatic for me. Ordered the rolled out icing and bought the cake and copied a cake design off the internet. It took ages and nearly did it all myself but hubbie did the skull and crossbones (still looked like a beetle though). I was quite impressed with myself but other mums didn’t seems so impressed.
The family birthday party was today which was lovely but I’m now upset because my cbeebies card for son 2 was not shown. I can’t believe he’s now 4 and will be starting school this year. How time flies!

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mama-andmore said...

Ah, bless you for making him his pirate cake anyway! I went even ditzier - after making around 70 mini-cupcakes for my girl's 2nd bday, when we went down to my parents for the family celebration I left ALL the blinkin cupcakes I was supposed to bring! Doh! Am following closely with ditziness, although have less of an excuse with only 1 child so far! Sigh...(the sound of brain cells collapsing)