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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Family photo shoot

After planning to have a family photo session for ages we finally got around to it today. I wanted to get some photos of the 3 boys together, I had planned to do it once the baby could sit up (he's now walking / running) and before son 1's teeth start falling out as gaps in teeth don't work well in photos. I'm so vain on behalf of my children! with son 3 I used photoshop to take out his milk spots out of his newborn photos.

So, this morning after massive arguments with son 2 over the new bright coloured tops I'd bought them to wear and being 10 mins late we finally got there with both me and hubbie already frazzled with the stress of son 2's almighty will. It then started ok son 1 and son 2 were quite cute playing with balloons but son 3 (the baby) wasn't in the best mood so it was difficult to get them all looking at the camera at the same time without hands or legs in the way and without the baby crying. Then when it was time for all 5 of us to have our photo my hair ended up all over my face, so click click trying to hold baby up with a smile on his face whilst trying to flick my hair out of my face. The photographer must have though I had a twitch.

It all then started to go wrong when son 1 and son 2 started getting bored, throwing balls everywhere, hurting each other (me - "can those scratch marks be photoshopped out?) and baby just crying every time his brothers tried to hold onto him. I forget how raucous 3 boys together are, I must just tune out but for someone who doesn't have lots of boys it must be mayhem.

At the end my ditzy brain had remembered to bring a cheque to pay but the poor women had to ask for her money as usual I forget and didn't hand it over. I can't remember if that was before or after the photographer how said how well behaved they were so we would pay her, I thought she meant it until hubbie pointed out she was being polite. Anyone else had fun with photo shoots and kids?

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