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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How old do I look?

I had an interesting day today, I decided to cycle part of the way to work (about 3 miles) and then caught the tube the rest of the way. Unfortunately forgot my oyster card and had to pay £4 for a one way ticket (when did they charge peak hour charges???) but felt good for cycling so got over it. On the way home I went to unlock my bike outside Chiswick Park station (which is quite a posh part of London) and a homeless older lady started talking to me. We had a good chat. She referred to me as being young which I scoffed and she said I looked 25 (I’m 38) so was quite chuffed as feeling old at the moment. As I was telling hubbie he asked if she was drunk, well she was swigging from a vodka bottle. Well, I do need to get my compliments where I can!

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