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Sunday, 13 March 2011


The school finally had a fundraising event that I wanted to go to rather than felt obliged. They held a swishing event on Friday night, which sounds rude but is actually a clothes swapping party. You take good quality clothes hand them in and then swap with other donated clothes from other mums. I bought my ticket ages ago without checking that a) hubbie was home (he wasn't he had to work on pressing some buttons aka IT or something when no-one from TfL was in the office) and b) that any friends were going. So left kids with new babysitter (only 19 but cheap) I went along with my 11 items and took some nice clothes (Ted Baker, Diesel etc) that just don't suit the tummy that's had 3 kids. Several observations: some very skinny, glamorous mummies appeared from somewhere who I've never seen on school run (where did they emerge from?); some stuff was horrid did they really think someone would want a jacket from the 1980s; and some of tops disappointly left with had holes in - why would you donate clothes with holes? Whoops baby just pressed wrong button and published the post. So to end story, I did manage to get some great tops and every mum I saw yesterday morning was wearing their 'swishing' clothes - brillant fundraising idea. I got a Kate Moss Top Shop poppy dress which is too short for me so I'm selling on ebay so I can buy the school some new reading books as theirs are 20 years old and apparently new books are not a priority rather new computer equipment is more important (yes already asked the Head).  Did consider selling dress and keeping money but that just felt too mean.

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