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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Big mistake at the playground

Whilst at the playground with the 3 boys and hubbie last weekend I got a bit bored (I have been going to the same place for nearly 6 years). To ease my boredom I decided to get on the apparatus that swings you round and round using the gravity of your own weight. When I'd helped the kids I'd always had to swing them around but didn't realise that the heavier you are the faster you go. So, hubbie started spinning me round and round, I couldn't stop the bl**dy thing and hubbie was just laughing rather than stopping it. When he finally let me off I was incredibly dizzy and felt sick for the rest of the day. I'll leave it to the kids next time. Also heard a funny story from my friend about Sally Phillips (actress / comedian from smack the pony, Miranda etc). If you like Miranda the sitcom you'll like this story. My friend's son goes to the same gymnastics class as Sally Phillips' child in a quite posh part of west London. They were all chatting when one of the mums' received a text when she was mid-conversation at this point she stopped talking reached for her phone and said "Bear with" (this is comical thing that Sally's character Tilly in the sitcom Miranda does). The mum wasn't even trying to be ironic either she just had obviously never watched Miranda and / or didn't know who Sally Phillips was!! 

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