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Sunday, 13 June 2010


I've had a great weekend mainly as we have sat night off from the kids. My lovely mum looked after all 3 kids last night so that we could go to a friend's 40th bday party. Great party in a coffee shop with the champagne flowing all night, England game and indian food. I managed to hold some sort of adult conversation but it may have leaned towards talking about kids. It was slightly dangerous having free booze as I don't have a stop button particularly if I know I've got the morning off. Then had a fabulous lie-in this morning until 9am which felt like my life before kids - ah those were the days.

We then went to bbq at friends who live around the corner, their son is the best friend of son 1. Again, nice and relaxing with lots of chit chat, bbq food and booze. Kids managed to play together well but son 1 has just thrown up in his brother's bedroom. Not sure if it was too many sweets etc. How come children never throw up in a bucket or toilet?

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