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Monday, 7 June 2010

Buying a tank (people carrier)

Wow, the hassle to buy a 'living the dream' people carrier is unbelievable. Here's the story, now with 3 young kids I had to give into hubbie's suggestion that we needed to buy a people carrier as its near enough impossible to fit them all in the back of the car.

So, couple of ditzy mistakes led to hassle day. Firstly, I've forgotten to get my old banger serviced for 4 years so had to go to my mechanic at 8am this morning before school run (on the way my shoes fell apart as well). Luckily he sorted out the paperwork. Secondly, I then had to drive back to Car Giant with my mum following in her car and son 2 and son 3 (baby) in the back so I could pay for our tank, get the registration form thingy, hand over my old car which has seen me through 3 pregnancies so felt quite emotional. Then get my mum to drive me to the nearest DVLA office. As our new lovely tank is registered to a disabled user (I've learnt a lot in the past week about buying cars and road tax).

So I then got to DVLA but didn't have copy of the new insurance policy (ditzy moment) so after thinking I could get the car unregistered disabled (is there such an expression) but get the road tax when I had the insurance policy documents. So have to go back and if I don't pick up the lovely tank in 2 days from Car Giant they start charging £25 per day for storage. Wow, they have hidden charges for everything (good business model of making loads of £££).

That was my hassle day just to buy a tank - felt more like buying a house!

So still haven't got our lovely new tank so that I can live the middle age dream. Before having child 1 I had a sporty 2 seater convertible. What happened?

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Angela said...

My last car I bought was registered disabled too. Quite a bit of hassle just to tax a car. Still I love it now so was worth it.