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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So had another the ultimate ditzy experience today. At the gym today went for a swim while I had son 2 at playgroup and son 3 in the gym creche. Came out of the pool went to find my locker and I was determined my new padlock I'd bought the night before was pink but no pink padlocks would open. At this point I started panicking that I couldn't get to the kids in time with my car keys in the locker and no clothes.

So asked the gym staff to break open the locker that I was sure was mine as I thought the combination had changed - but it was someone's else. I then was determined another locker was mine so againe asked the staff to break into a second locker. All this was in front of an extremely packed changing room with everyone holding their breathes as the staff broke into each locker. So 2 lockers down and £10 later I realised my new padlock was actually black not pink and opened the locker next to the 1st one that had been broken into. I was so embarassed and late that I got dressed in about 1 minute. Can't believe that my baby brain means I'm the ultimate ditzy mum.

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Angela said...

oh no how embarrassing. I would have died