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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Holidays - Yay

We're off on hols this weekend, going to Portugal for 2 weeks back to the villa we rented last year. At least this year I know where Portugal is located. Last year I didn't really think about where Portugal was until my brother was showing son 1 a globe and explaining where Portugal was, never realised it was on the side of Spain. Sort of thought it was near Sweden or somewhere in Europe. This is a prime example of my ditziness where unless I really need to know the detail, I'll just get on a flight to go on holiday and not know where geographically I will be.

A holiday with 3 children is as quoted in Modern Family "a business trip as I will be looking after my children its not a holiday". I am looking forward to no school / playgroup run and just trying to chill out on the beach (with the baby eating sand, older 2 boys fighting over the same spade etc).

Just noticed that if my husband doesn't shave for a day he has a beard. He's been shaving every other day for a few years now and not noticed. Its like the time he shaved off his sideburns but didn't notice for 6 months. As I explained to him, its looking after 3 kids for 14 hrs a day means I don't have time to notice him.

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