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Thursday, 10 June 2010


I really must stop losing my temper with the kids, I can't blame it on pregnancy hormones or PMT every day. Last night, at bathtime I'd bought the kids a pack of body wash sponge thingies. Son 2 was playing with them so I went to search for them. Couldn't find them anywhere so I assumed that son 2 (who has a habit of hiding things) had hidden them. Started shouting "where are they", "where have you put them" whilst he did his normal response "I don't know".

So this went on for about 15 mins, I was getting more and more wound up as I don't know about other parents but the nearer it gets to their bedtime the more agitated I get (I think its that target of having all 3 asleep at the same time is too much pressure). Poor little son 1 and son 2 are running around naked trying to find these sponges. In the end we gave up to read bedtime stories, I then noticed that I'd actually tidied them away in a bag. Whoops, poor son 2 got the blame for my dreadful memory. I will repeat my mantra 'I will stop losing my temper and shouting '.

Just painted my toenails blue, am I too old at 37 to be wearing the 'latest' nail varnish? Looks good though and hubbie called them interesting but he liked them.

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