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Friday, 11 June 2010

Stroppy children & disapproving looks

Son 1 who is 5ys / 9 months woke up in a stinking mood, asked for sweets at 6.40am I responded with a quick no, whilst hiding the haribo sweets I was eating at 6.39am. Double standards - me!

Did the school run in the new tank (even though the school is round the corner and it takes longer) but son 1 wanted to ride in the 'boot' as he puts it. Had to hide from other parents who know that we live round the corner - don't want them to think we're lazy! We then went to my favourite sing along group which although is £5.50 a go, means I get great cake and coffee whilst letting son 2 let off energy (run wild) and I get to chat with my fabulous mum friends. But today, son 2 and my friend's little boy decided to be v.manic and make loads of noise during the songs. This wouldn't be a problem normally but no other manic 3 yr old boys only angelic 2 yr girls were there today. So got lots of disapproving looks from mummies who weren't used to rough and tumble boys. In these situations I find myself turning manic trying to calm down my sons and not succeeding as they must feed off my embarassment.

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