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Monday, 14 June 2010

2nd times mums group

Although I'm a 3rd time mum, I joined a 2nd mums group that's organised by the local parent network.

Anyway, its my turn to host tomorrow which in my normal ditzy manner I completely forgot and arranged to meet up with another mum at a playgroup. Luckily I suddenly remembered this afternoon I was hosting otherwise there would have been several mums plus babies landing on my doorstep whilst I was gossiping down the road.

There's loads of us in the group ranging from 10 months down to 5 months, most are on their 2nd but there's a couple of us with 3 kids. Its been interesting joining a new group that's not my NCT group but I have made a complete of fauz pas. Such as the time I suggested to one mum (who has 12 months between her daughter and son - I know!) that she could use a baby walker as all 3 of mine love their walkers. The response was ' I would never use a walker' I was so surprised that I didn't ask why so I didn't look so like a 'slummy mummy' and had to go and find out why walkers are bad from other parents.

The great thing about this group of mums is that they like to drink - yay! As much as I love my NCT mums they don't really drink. This lot like their wine and nice restaurants - yay again! Well I better go and clean my kitchen, so again they don't think I'm a slummy mummy - oh and I'll have to hide the baby walker.

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