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Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I had a bit of a panic on christmas eve. The christmas tree lights didn't work when I turned them on in the morning. So sent hubbie out to buy some new ones, not the horrible LED lights but clear fairy lights. No luck, so in the afternoon I went off and still couldn't find any, finally went into the poundshop that I vowed never to use (principles go out of the window when you need something at xmas). They only had multi-coloured but I was getting desperate so boughts loads. I then went home, took down the old ones which miraculous then started working....why didn't I do that in the first place.

We decided to stay at our house on xmas day and invite everyone over. However, I hadn't thought of the hassle involved (that's excluding the issue with the decorations!) I do have a couple of tips for xmas:

a - don't let your husband do the food shopping, £365 it cost and we didn't even get turkey.
b - if you're planning on baking a citron tart (or is that a car?) make sure you have all the right equipment, no baking flan tin or food processor.
c - if you wrap the kids presents use tags so you know whose pressie is whose and then its not a surprise for them.

Merry Christmas.

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