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Monday, 13 December 2010

Ditzy mummies unite

I took the baby to a singing group thingy today and met a friend there. On the way in we were being a bit thick as there's building works going on at the venue with a new gate. Although we both looked at the sign saying "gate opens outwards" we were both trying to push the gate inwards. After much pushing and kicking I managed to squeeze my pram through the gap (and burst the tyre). So we approached a builder on the site to say that the gate was working and he pointed to the sign.

We were having a good old gossip whilst the babies were off playing. The play session ends with some more singing, but both our babies tend to wander off rather than wanting to do the singing and actions. So we're sitting there half chatting and half singing. It was during one song that we realised we'd both been rocking to "row row your boat" without the babies being anywhere near us. Then, during a song that requires a clap now and again (5 fat sausages) we both clapped at the same time out of sync with everyone else without either baby again being near us. Oh those crazy mothers!

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