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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lost in the country

I went to visit an old school friend out in the country (near Haywards Heath) who has just had her second baby and having house extended so was renting a place for a couple of weeks. Anyway, took 2 of the 3 boys and my other friend Sam was also driving down from London. So Sam and I aren't the most organised (ditzy or busy - not sure!!), I had a postcode for the rented house and Sam had deleted the original text with the full address so was going from memory.

My satnav was taking me to a pub as I think in the country, lots of properties share the same postcode (bloody countryside) and couldn't get hold of our friend.  I managed to meet Sam in her car driving up and down this one long windy country road (I'd already driven up a couple of times) but she had our other school friend who can be very control freak organised who was getting very irritated by our lack of organisational skills as we both drove up and down for about 30 mins trying to find this house without actually knowing the name of the house. It was one of those times that I preferred having 2 small children in the car rather than an adult telling me off!! Poor Sam had our friend getting more and more annoyed. I just found it funny.   

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