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Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow and my warm / wet boots

It was like a winter wonderland, an amazing white blanket of fluff covering it.... Then its turned to slush, with brown grit on the paths. Which is fine if you're worried about falling over but it upsets me for a number of reasons: a) its doesn't look pretty and snowy anymore; b) its ruining my boots which work well in snow but not in slush.

My new boots are so warm, they're like uggs but prettier (and cheaper). I bought them off my neighbour and they're called Ewe (strange purchase to make on the school run!!). I love them and so I got v.upset when I had to walk to shops to do xmas shopping and as soon as I hit the slush they started leaking like a wet tissue. Yesterday, when the council put down the grit on the pavements down our road I came out and swept it away so it didn't ruin my boots when I left the house. Then today I looked v.funny pushing the pram but walking sideways so I could walk where there was still snow again so my boots didn't get wet. I probably looked like a crab or a crazy person.

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