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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

OK! Xmas Party

Yes, I went to the OK! Christmas Party on Monday night. My colleague at work knows a celebrity who had been invited but instead she put my name down and my friends on the guest list. So we got v.excited at free cocktails and canapes and seeing celebrities.

Well, it was weird. Basically, the type of celebrities where you go - "oh its that women from Eastenders / Big Brother / that famous Chef, but what's their name". The women all looked the same, big hair and short dresses. But I don't think it went down v.well when a glamour model / barbie girl stood next to me and her fake boobs were so big and protruding that I mistook them for a shelf and put my empty cocktail glass on the 'shelf'.

Look out for the xmas issue with 2 middle-aged women trying to get in photos of the celebs. Check this out

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