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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

wedding in the woods

After visiting my friend in Manchester for 12 hours on Friday night (as I couldn't make her hen night) the whole family went to a wedding in some woods. Very alternative wedding... 

It was hubbie's cousin who I'd never met, after spending ages looking for the 'old oak tree' with a pram, couple of grandparents and older auntie we found the wedding party. We then spent an hour waiting for the bride whilst 5 little boys ran around the woods and of course found dog poo to tread in. The bride then walked down the aisle (made of logs) with her dog and had the service performed by her younger brother. Interesting!! The actual service was lovely and better than religious service as it felt more personal. But my mother-in-law amused me as she was freaking out in her perfect outfit whilst waiting and going on how ridiculous the wedding was. Her freaking out made me laugh anyway.    

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