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Monday, 2 August 2010

Start of summer holidays

We now have 5 weeks left of the school holidays which don't seem to be going to plan. My parenting stragies have gone out of the window and I've turned into a 13 year old. Apart from the baby my sons are driving me crazy, the combination of my insommnia and the endless demands for entertainment is not how I imagined our summer.

Today the tantrums (mine) started with son 2 not putting his shoes on, then both bickering in the car (even though with the big van I can seperate them they still manage to fight). I really lost it when the coffee I had carefully taken back to the car and then son 1 jumped in the front of the car and split it everywhere. I had been counting on the coffee to keep me awake while I drove home, so had hissy fit in the car park. I then ended the day with me delivering a long angry lecture on doing as I ask which didn't work so I turned into a sulky teenager who wouldn't talk to them. Its quite difficult to bath and get them ready for bed without talking them. Fortunately, hubbie came home in the middle so I could storm off to the gym.

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