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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Innocent remarks

I was amused by a couple of my son ‘s remarks over the past few weeks: we were talking about camping which he really wants to do but he came up with the issue of “mummy, if we went camping where we would we get our brioche for breakfast from”. Omigod, how middle class are my children!! I have to admit that for ease and as son 1 is so fussy he gets either a chocolate brioche, pain au chocolat or toast for breakfast.

Another remark was when I mentioned that my tummy was still flabby after the baby. My lovely son said “well mummy, your tummy has been stretched out when we were all in your tummy and its not right out here anymore but its just a bit loose and stretchy now”. Ah, the sweetheart at the age of 5 is already trying to make me feel better in his own special way.

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